Bison Mother and Calf photo

Bison mother and calf

Bison are an iconic symbol of the American West, but at the turn of the 19th Century, they were on the brink of extinction. Bison were killed deliberately in large numbers during westward expansion and the building of the transcontinental railroad. Private ranchers, native tribes, and the Department of the Interior have helped keep their legacy alive.  Our partner Wind Cave National Park has bison that can be genetically linked to the last remaining wild bison. While these bison are contained by fences, Wind Cave National Park strives to be hands-off as possible with their management to allow their herd to be as wild and uninhibited as possible, like their ancestors.

Here are ways that you can help with bison conservation:

  • Adopt a Wind Cave National Park bison: proceeds directly support the conservation of Wind Cave National Park’s herd. Last year the program purchased 10 radio collars, that were placed on female bison so that wildlife biologists can learn more about their behavior. Click here to learn more!
  • Learn the history of bison:  We recommend the book Buffalo Nation, by Ken Zontek. Available for purchase here!
  • Become a member of BHPFA: Your membership directly supports conservation and education programming with our public land partners. Plus we keep ya in the “know” with newsletters and info about current education projects with our partners! Become a member here
  • Support bison and prairie restoration by eating bison! Check out Wild Idea Buffalo!
  • Follow The Nature Conservancy and The Intertribal Buffalo Council, both groups work together with the Department of the Interior to restore bison on nature preserves and tribal and federal lands. Here are links to their websites: Intertribal Buffalo Council and The Nature Conservancy 
  • Visit our partner Wind Cave National Park to see bison conservation in action! Wind Cave National Park