Nature Connection Workshops

Connect with nature while learning valuable hands-on skills to further your exploration! Our workshops are perfect for beginners and families to seasoned outdoors people including naturalists, photographers, hikers, and hunters!

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Kid Friendly Workshops: Great for families, recommended for ages 5 +. Includes Animal Tracking & Outdoor Skills Essential Skills.
Adult Workshops: Recommended for ages 13+. Includes Voices of Nature, which will include some hiking on uneven surfaces, potential elevation gain and loss
Strenuous Adult Workshops: Recommended for ages 13 +, might include off-trail hiking or hiking with elevation gain and loss
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Kid Friendly Workshops

Animal Tracking

Using our senses we will study tracks and signs animals leave behind

Outdoor Essential Skills: Firebuilding, shelter construction, nature navigation

Through hands-on practice you will learn skills that humans have used for thousands of years to survive. Topics include: ancient fire building technqiues (bow drills, ferro rods) nature navigation, shelter construction, and what to carry in your backpack

Adult Workshops

Understanding the Voices of Nature

In this course participants will be shown how to expand their awareness and use forgotten techniques to interpret the communication system that non-humans use, and learn how to know when predators or prey are in the area – as well as what species are nearby, even if they are out of sight.

Meet the instructors!

Julie Plachta and Tom Tonkin have taught about the outdoors for various organizations such as “Tracks and Trees” and “Wilderness Awareness School” for several decades, combined. They have also conducted wildlife inventories for multiple county and state agencies on a professional level. Now, they are delighted to be bringing some of their previous experience to the residents of the Black Hills, and sharing their passion for connecting people with the natural world.