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2021-2022 programming has been targeted for 4th-grade students, but they offer earth science programming for all elementary school grades and middle school. The 4th grade Rock Cycle in-classroom program coincides with a park field trip. Field trips in 2022 will start in February. 

All programs are FREE

  • K-2nd 

  • 3rd-5th 

  • Middle

4th Grade: Earth Science

Three Nebraska social studies curriculum-based lessons are available. Scotts Bluff offers classroom visits and field trips.

    Kindergarten: Symbols of the U.S.

    3rd Grade: The Culture of Scotts Bluff 

    4th Grade: The Oregon Trail Adventure

    Game                                                       All programs are FREE

    • K

    • 3rd-4th Grade

    K, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade: Social Studies 

      Wind Cave offers field trips, classroom programming, curriculum, and distance learning programming for preschool-age children to middle school grades.

      Their programming covers earth science, life science, and social studies standards. 

      All programs are FREE

      • Pre-K

      • K-5th Grade

      • Middle