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Custer State Park provides students and park visitors an opportunity to connect to the natural resources within the Black Hills. Through their programming, you can experience outdoor learning using either the park's resources or your school/location’s resources. Our programs are designed to complement local schools’ curriculum and provide a quality interactive experience to encourage a life-long interest and appreciation of the natural resources and history of the Black Hills.     

They offer classroom programming, field trips, curriculum, and self guides.

Programming is FREE. Spaces are limited, first come, first served.  A seasonal newsletter is offered that highlights field trips and group/family programs. 


to get on the list.

Pre K to Adult Learners

There programs cover a vartiety of standards including:

  • Earth Science

  • Physical Education

  • Social Studies

and many more based on program requests.


2021-2022 programming has been targeted for 4th-grade students, but they offer earth science programming for all elementary school grades and middle school. The 4th grade Rock Cycle in-classroom program coincides with a park field trip. Field trips in 2022 will start in February. 

All programs are FREE

  • K-2nd 

  • 3rd-5th 

  • Middle

4th Grade: Earth Science as of 1/2022 

    • They are in the process of  developing standards for other grades

    The Mammoth Site offers a variety of hands-on programming for k-12 in paleontological and biological science concepts including field trips to the site, classroom programming, virtual programs, camps, and educational kits. 

    They are happy to work with educators to develop or adapt programming to better engage students

    Field trip costs vary: $2.31-$4.50

    K-High School

    All programming is based on South Dakota and Next Generation Science Standards 


    The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls offers outdoor education for all ages! The goal of their outreach program is to provide outdoor activities across a 20-county region. "In the classroom presentations" include: 

    • Mammals of SD

    • The Migration Nation

    • Wetland Ecology 

    • Plains Ecology 

    All programs are FREE. Click here for the brochure of their outreach and classroom programs.

    Pre K to Adult Learners

    They can adjust all programming to meet teachers needs

    Three Nebraska social studies curriculum-based lessons are available. Scotts Bluff offers classroom visits and field trips.

      Kindergarten: Symbols of the U.S.

      3rd Grade: The Culture of Scotts Bluff 

      4th Grade: The Oregon Trail Adventure

      Game                                                       All programs are FREE

      • K

      • 3rd-4th Grade

      K, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade: Social Studies 

        Wind Cave offers field trips, classroom programming, curriculum, and distance learning programming for preschool-age children to middle school grades.

        Their programming covers earth science, life science, and social studies standards. 

        All programs are FREE

        • Pre-K

        • K-5th Grade

        • Middle