Wind Cave Bison Hiking Medallion



Wind Cave Bison Hiking Medallion is a wonderful edition to any collectors sets.

Wind Cave National Park is in the southwestern corner of South Dakota. It’s known for the vast, underground Wind Cave, with chambers like the Post Office and the Elks Room. Many of the cave’s walls are rich in honeycomb-shaped calcite formations known as boxwork. The park’s prairie and pine forests are home to bison, elk and pronghorn antelopes. Trails include Rankin Ridge, with views of the Black Hills.

Wind Cave National Park is one of the oldest parks, established in 1903. The park has a rich history spanning countless ages. From research and wildlife reintroduction to ancient geology, Wind Cave has something for everyone. Follow the links below to learn more about the park’s geology or natural and cultural history, find family friendly activities, or read about the latest news.

Wind Cave National Park has been home to many different groups of people over the years. From the native people who have called the Black Hills home since time immemorial to the cavers who survey and study the cave today, every stone, tree, and building has a story. Visit the pages below to learn some of the park’s stories.

The Wind Cave Bison Hiking Medallion is beautiful and colorful with an awesome representation of American Bison that you may see at the park.

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