“Baxter Saves The Day”


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Baxter Saves the Day” is a beautiful children’s story based out of Jewel Cave National Monument. Follow Baxter, A bat who truly lived at Jewel Cave, on a mythical journey in and around Jewel Cave National Monument.

From the Back Page:

“Mother, Why are our ears so big?”

His mother had answered, “The better to hear the wind in the trees, the water in the stream, the moth on the wing, to sense any danger that may come and warn others of it. Baxter, we have a type of hearing that others do not have, and we have an important job- to listen at all times and to keep watch over those around us.”

Baxter is a Townsend’s Big-Eared Bat, and he lives at Jewel Cave National Monument.

And Baxter hears something. What could it be?

About the Author:

Pat Schultz lived just a few miles from Jewel Cave National Monument for many years. Baxter saves the day is based on a real bat named Baxter that lived in the park when one of her children worked there for the summer, and he did live in the maintenance shed! This is her first book.


Learn more about the real bats at Jewel Cave National Monument HERE.

Watch the video Here!

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