Volunteer Opportunities with BHPFA

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the application and email it to bhpf@blackhillsparks.org

                   Volunteer Application 2022

Current volunteer opportunities available:

Parks and Forests Ambassadors: Full volunteer job description
  • Provide friendly, informative visitor services at selected locations including points of interest and popular trailheads
  • Provide information that helps build awareness around responsible public land use, Parks and Forests’ recreation rules, and the importance of wildlife habitat.
  • Provide useful information about trail access, trail routes, directions, and any other questions about visiting area public lands.
  • To become a Parks and Forests Ambassador it is required to attend the volunteer training and sign a volunteer waiver.
  • BHPFA is currently looking for volunteers to help at Wind Cave National Park and Pactola Visitor Center in Black Hills National Forest for the summer 2022
Wind Cave National Park Summer Opportunities
  • Support for ranger lead hikes
    • Sanson Ranch Day Hikes
      • June-August, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 9am-12pm
      • Volunteer will act as hike sweep (last hiker) and help create a safe and welcoming atmosphere
      • Act as sweep for caravan sweep from visitor center to the site and assist with locking and opening gates
    • Night Hikes
      • June-August, Wednesday evenings, time TBD
      • Volunteer will act as hike sweep (last hiker) and help create a safe and welcoming atmosphere
      • For hikes later in the summer (July/August) support ranger in setting up and managing a telescope
  • Solar scope
    • Set up Wind Cave’s solar scope on the visitor center lawn during busy times of the day
    • Show visitors how to safely view the sun through scope
    • Share interesting facts and discussion with visitors
    • Days and times flexible
    • Training is required (~1hr) Flexible dates and times
South Dakota Master Naturalist Volunteer Training: Learn more here

The South Dakota Master Naturalist Program is an adult conservation and environmental education program that combines indoor presentations and hands-on field experiences to teach conservation volunteers about South Dakota’s natural resources. Certified Master Naturalists are dedicated natural resource conservation volunteers who provide volunteer service through a variety of skill sets.


If you would like to learn about other ways to volunteer, please reach out to Andrea at bhpf@blackhillsparks.org, we would love to hear from you!


A group of people of all ages posing for a picture next to the National Grasslands Visitor Center, Buffalo Gap National Grassland sign

The 2021 South Dakota Master Naturalist cohort on a field trip to the National Grassland Visitor Center and Buffalo Gap National Grassland in Wall, SD