Volunteer Opportunities with BHPFA

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the application and email it to bhpf@blackhillsparks.org

                                          Volunteer Application 2021

*For an editable version be sure to open it in Adobe Acrobat


Parks and Forests Ambassadors: Full job description

  • Serve as a friendly, informative welcome committee at selected locations including points of interest and popular trailheads
  • Provide information that helps build awareness around responsible public land use, Parks and Forests’ recreation rules, and the importance of wildlife habitat.
  • Provide useful information about trail access, trail routes, and directions, and any other questions about visiting area public lands.
  • To become a Parks and Forests Ambassador it is required to attend the volunteer training and sign a volunteer waiver.


South Dakota Master Naturalist: Learn more here

The South Dakota Master Naturalist Program is an adult conservation and environmental education program that combines indoor presentations and hands-on field experiences to teach conservation volunteers about South Dakota’s natural resources. Certified Master Naturalists are dedicated natural resource conservation volunteers who provide volunteer service through a variety of skill sets.