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Contact: Matthew White   

At over 210 miles, Jewel Cave is currently the third longest cave in the world.  A new book produced by Black Hills Parks and Forests Association (BHPFA) titled “Jewel Cave: No End in Sight” tells the geologic story of Jewel Cave in simple enough terms anyone can understand, but is technical enough to be of interest to professionals. Informative tables, charts, and photography from some of the most remote places in the world make this book an excellent addition to any library, and a must read for anyone interested in caves or geology.

No End in Sight” introduces readers to five authors, all specialists in their field. Each of them delves into research and studies that test theories about the cave’s historic past and provide insight into its dynamic future.


Mike Wiles – Chief Resource Manager, Jewel Cave National Monument

Art Palmer – Geologist, World-renowned author

Dr. Andreas Pflitsch – Geology Professor specializing in Climatology of Extreme Environments

Dr. Hazel Barton – Professor/Director of Integrated Bioscience, U. of Akron

Dr. Olivia Hershey – Research Associate, Integrated Bioscience, U of Akron

“This book has been a passion project; over two years in the making,” said Joanna Marshaus, designer of “Jewel Cave: No End in Sight.” This is the first significant publication produced 100% in-house by BHPFA staff, and it showcases their ability to design and create high-quality products. “We have learned so much from this process and have already started working on our next project, a similar book for Wind Cave National Park,” says Matthew White, BHPFA Retail Operations Manager.

Jewel Cave: No End in Sight” is available for purchase at Jewel Cave National Monument and online at for $19.99.

BHPFA is an official non-profit partner of the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service.  A portion of product sales is provided to these partners in support of their educational missions.