Sign for Hudson-Meng, who now has a online reservation system


Black Hills Parks & Forests Association is proud to announce that our partners at Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center have launched their new tour reservation system.

Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center is home to one of the most important paleo-archeological discoveries in North America. Since the discovery in 1954, archeologists have found remains of  600 ancient bison dating back 10,000 years.

Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands manage Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center. It is open for public tours from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The new reservation system will help streamline the process for reserving tour spots. Hudson-Meng is located in a remote corner of the Oglala National Grassland, and can be difficult to reach in inclement weather. The reservation system will allow the staff to stay in better contact with visitors via weather notices and tour updates.

Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center might be off the beaten path, but it is well worth a visit! It is a unique opportunity to travel back in time and learn more about the ancient creatures and people that inhabited North America.


Young girl at the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center

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