“American Bison” by Charley Harper (American, 1922-2007)



In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Charley Harper Art Studio, and Wind Cave National Park, Black Hills Parks & Forests Association is proud to introduce “American Bison” by Charley Harper.

“American Bison” is a limited edition, numbered print that showcases America’s national mammal. By purchasing this print you allow the very important work of conserving the bison herd at Wind Cave National Park to continue. The proceeds from the sales of this print go directly to protect the Wind Cave Bison herd.

“American Bison” is the newest addition to the Adopt-A-Bison program at Wind Cave National Park. This program has helped raise over thirty thousand dollars in the last three years and is responsible for the recent purchase and placement of 13 GPS collars that will help further the study of bison movement at Wind Cave.

Don’t miss out on owning a piece of beautiful American artwork, and helping a very important cause.

Each print is hand numbed and comes with a Letter of Authenticity directly from the Charley Harper Art studio. This limited series of 400 prints is only available through Black Hills Parks & Forest Association

Print Size 20″ X 16″

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Weight8.14 oz


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