Jewel Cave Classic Pin, Patch, Hiking Medallion




The Jewel Cave Classic Pin, Patch, Hiking Medallion will be an excellent addition to your collection.   The Jewel Cave Classic Pin, Patch, Hiking Medallion is the original design created for Jewel Cave national Monument.

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About Jewel Cave National Monument.

Beneath the Black Hills of western South Dakota lies the fascinating underground world of Jewel Cave. This amazing resource delights, perplexes, and lures visitors into a sense of exploration and discovery. Most of the cave’s passages are decorated with calcite crystals and other beautiful, colorful, and rare formations.

Caring for this sensitive and fragile resource is challenging, when also trying to allow for visitor enjoyment and recreation. For this reason, the monument strives to balance the desire to offer ranger-guided cave tours with the need for protection and preservation. For the most efficient and memorable experience, please plan ahead by following the guidance within the links below.


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Jewel Cave

Pin, Patch, Hiking medallion


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